Beretta CX4 Storm Review : A highly stylish and deadly weapon

beretta cx4 storm

Some guns will be light weighted and you don’t even know whether you are carrying it, but it will be enough and more to do the damage. Beretta cx4 storm is such a gun which offers accuracy, deadliness and light weighted nature. The Beretta Storm genre was introduced in 2003 with the cx4 pistol caliber carbine. This deadly weapon is easy to handle and accessorize, and it offers hawk eye accuracy. Shooters in this era love the guns which can withstand large array of accessories, and Beretta cx4 storm will be a perfect choice for them.

This gun has got an ultra modern racy design from designing giants at Giugiaro. The gun is made with modern high strength techno polymers. The weight is as low as 53/04 lbs which makes Beretta Storm cx4 a perfect companion on all occasions, whether in the field, duty or in hunting. The barrels of these guns are chrome lined which makes it long lived and corrosion resistant.

This gun is specially designed for military and police use and for civilian self defense. It is available in 09 mm, .40 S and W, and .45 ACP. The most popular among these types is .40 S and W, as the increased barrel length in this gun gives the extra punch for shooters. The barrel length is 16.6 inches and the overall length is 29.7 inches. The 30 inch cx4 storm may sometimes disappoint an average shooter, because the stock length is too short for him to shoot comfortably. But there are spacers available to lengthen the stock which helps them to overcome this disadvantage.

beretta cx4 Beretta Storm cx4 is a well made futuristic weapon which makes it the top notch product of its genre. It is highly sophisticated and can be deadly if aimed properly. It has impeccable accuracy as a result of the small size of aperture. It is ready to accept all sorts of ammunition and will fire everything with ease. The firing rate is excellent and is well suited for rapid firing. We will feel certain weight while pulling the trigger, but this weight will be loved by tough guys as gun is not a toy to handle easily. Some times, this gun may pinch you in the shoulder a bit, but I suggest placing a wash cloth in the shoulder which will help you to avoid the painful experience. This gun is combined with reversible ejection and magazine buttons which makes this a perfect choice for left hand shooters.

Video Review of Beretta CX4 Storm:

Cleaning this gun is very easy and a person can clean the carbine in minutes. The dimensions provided by this gun is reasonable, you would not feel crowded or cramped which is actually nice. This gun is too much reliable and people using this haven’t complained much about malfunctioning. I recommend this gun for people who love light weighted slick guns. This will be a perfect companion for you in hunting, duty and self defense. ”So, Why to hesitate, buy a brand new Beretta cx4 storm to unleash the deadly and stunning shooting experience.”

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