The Browning Hi Power Gun Review

browning hi-power

Browning hi power handgun was designed in the 1920s by John Moses Browning. He was a genius weapon manufacturer from Belgium. He had no formal training in mechanical engineering but while working at his father’s gunsmith forge, he designed from theory and idea one of the most successful piece of weapon in history. The weapon was put to production first in 1935. However, its designer did not live long enough to enjoy his hand work, he died in 1927.
If you have a fast visual inspection of Browning Hi Power, you will notice its pedigree immediately. It shows some similarities with the Colt 45 of 1911, an earlier Browning design. Millions of Browning handguns have been produced to date. It has been the most preferred weapon by law enforcers and military men in various countries including Malaya, Estonia, Lithuania, Canada, Israel, Peru, Iraq, Britain, Denmark and Germany.

The Browning Hi Power handgun is a bargain compared to other semi-automatic pistols. New models by the FN gun manufacturers sell for around 400 dollars while Argentinean new models by the FM factory sell for around 250 dollars. Browning Hi Power weapons for battered ex-service men are offered for 800 dollars.

9mm Parabellum cartridge is used in the Browning Hi Power handguns. Therefore, you do not experience any problems firing and feeding cartridge like this one. The 9mm parabellum include various round, blunt and hollow point bulleted cartridges. The weapon may be loaded with, and fire, ammunition that cannot be fed in other modern semi-automatic models.

Magazine Safety
If you withdraw the magazine from the Browning Hi Power weapon, the gun fails to fire. This was a further modification of the weapon that ensures magazine safety. However, many users of the weapon disable this feature because they want to insert a new magazine during combat and the gun should remain fireable when the first magazine is removed until the second one is successfully inserted. The other reason why users disable the safety is because it prevents the magazine from falling off the magazine well freely when the magazine is empty. Guns manufactured without the magazine safety feature an (A) in the prefix of the serial number.

Browning Hi Power Manufacturers
The weapon has been in use since the Second World War by both the allies and the axis. During this time, John Inglis & Co. of Canada produced the weapon for the allies. Since then, clones of the weapon have been produced by a number of manufacturers in various countries. For instance, Indonesia produces Pindad, which suit the requirements of the Indonesian military. Israel has the Kareen. Kareen is however believed to contain some parts that are made in Hungary. Several other countries produce the weapon.

Browning Hi Power for Women Users
Most manufacturers often suggested lighter and smaller pistols for women. Compared to men, most women have narrower hands with shorter fingers. Browning Hi Power manufacturers put this into consideration and made women an appropriate model, which they can handle easily, working out all the controls, without the trouble of shifting their grip. With their model, women learn to use the weapon quickly and with enhanced efficiency.

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