Colt Government Model 45 ACP 1911 Pistol Review

colt 1911

You can’t really call yourself a gun enthusiast if you haven’t heard about the Colt 1911.

The Colt line was available since 1836 but the newest Colt revolver wasn’t available until 1911 after the US Army announced it would need a new semi-automatic that would fire a bullet with a standard caliber of .45 of an inch. John M. Browning, renowned for his mechanical skills in arms, developed the bullet first and then developed the Colt pistol that can fire it. This is the pistol used by the military for World War I and World II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. It is the only pistol ever made in the United States to have been in active service for so long. It wasn’t until the 1990′s that the Colt 45 revolver was replaced by the new M9 pistol.

So well does the Colt 1911 fare against all of the newer, modern pistols of today?

colt 1911First of all you need to consider that the original design is no longer in use since there were numerous changes over the decades. The original design had a few problems such as rigid tool marks found all over the slide rails or non-centered, inaccurate broaching on the barrel channel and others. Most of the safety-features were not prominent and not accurately built in that they were a bit unreliable during the earlier models but these have all changed over time.

The modern Colt 45 pistol is a fine example of master craftsmanship at its best. After the US Military took the original design from Browning some minor changes were edited into the gun. It now has a wider front aim and a longer hammer spur. The trigger was shortened and you will see its spring housing is slightly curved. The military model also includes a relief for the index finger and the grip-safety switch was lengthened as well. It was this overall design that was carried until the late 1980′s and early 1990′s when the gun was officially replaced by the aforementioned Beretta M9.

The best feature is the gun’s reliability. There are pistols that are more powerful, more defensive, heavier and more destructive but the Colt handgun designed by John M. Browning is the most reliable when it comes to fire power, safety and accuracy. While other guns may falter after a while, the Colt 45 pistol or M1911 is designed to deliver the same quality shots every time. The improved firing pin lock is one of the most valuable features since this is what stops the gun from accidentally discharging. A lot of guns do not feature this design and that is what causes accidental shots being fired. The steel construction of the pistol is another major feature as well as its sleek design. Both of these allow the gun to be handled very easily by anyone slightly experienced in holding a gun. The design is just right to slide into any regular sized hand. Another important feature that makes the gun so great is the cartridge that it fires. The .45 ACP is a powerful cartridge great for offensive and defensive shooting alike. There is no blinding flash or excess of a bright muzzle blast so you can keep shooting without losing aim. The weight and design also helps in keeping the gun on the same horizontal and vertical level to maintain shooting accuracy. Lastly, one would almost immediately appreciate the short trigger. This trigger design allows for quick and easy firing that is important for heated shoot-outs. This is one of the primary reasons why it was used by the military for so long.

Is there a downside to the M1911 Colt pistol?

Its weight is one such problem that some people can point out to. While the weight is beneficial for shooting it can also be a burden if the gun is carried for a long period of time. Another negative aspect is that the high recoil might be too much for a beginner. The recoil might force a person to stop and rest before shooting again.

There is no other gun more reliable than the Colt handgun. This is the one and only pistol that can give enough firepower without taking too much in return. With seven bullets per magazine and a sleek design great for anyone to handle, it’s no wonder this was the gun preferred for over seven decades.

Video Review of Colt 45 ACP 1911 Pistol

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