German Luger P 08 Review : Deadly and Precise

german luger po8

The German Luger P 08 Review :The German History – Deadly and Precise

Some guns will be deadly dangerous and have the credibility to boast of its historical significance and importance. The 09 mm German Luger P 08, one of the first semi automatic pistol in the history, is such a gun which offers hawk eye accuracy and long time credibility for its users. This weapon is one of the most recognizable and lethal pistol in the history. The 09mm German luger was used by the German force in both World War 1 and in World War 2. The unique lines and mechanisms of this pistol made it renowned world-wide. The highly popular 09mm Parebellum ammunition cartridge was introduced to the world by the Luger franchisee. The vintage model of Luger is becoming more and more popular across the globe and the main reason behind this is the user-friendly nature and deadly accuracy. The value of Luger varies, the old piece is of much demand and you may need to spend more amount compared to the new one.

The German Luger P 08 is a well-balanced and quick pointing gun. Some people compare German Luger with Colt 1911. But the unique angle of German Luger’s grip is quite different from Colt 1911. People who love conventional guns and conventional style of shooting will be surely satisfied with German Luger P 08. Today people uses this gun because of its sleek design and hawkish accuracy. My experience about this gun is mentioned below,

german lugerThe new piece of German Luger P 08 weighs 826 grams which is much lesser than its old steel ancestor . But 826 grams is not a bad weight at all for modern pistol users. This gun will be so sinked in to the hand and it is sturdy and robust. The finishing of the gun is awesome, a satinic black color mixed with dark gun-metal grey offers a glossy finish to the gun. There are no blemishes in the gun apart from the lighter shades in the ledges, but this is not a thing to worry about. Mechanical perfection of the components are excellent.There are no irregularities or smudges, and absolutely no flashings clearly shows the professional Excellency of the gun makers. It is very easy to strip this gun like its steel counterpart. It is smooth and simple to strip German Luger and put it back together. The shooting experience of new Luger is little bit different from the old one. The accuracy has increased a lot, but the weight and recoiling action is slightly less in the new one. German Luger offers a rear view sight accompanied with a blade in the end portion of the barrel. But, both are not adjustable. The action of trigger is almost identical to its steel counterpart which makes it a legacy saviour of P 08German Luger.

Altogether, 09 mm German Luger P 08 will not disappoint a pistol lover. It has all the components needed for a deadly weapon. It is accurate, lethal, sharp and more over user-friendly. ”So, Why to hesitate, go and grab a German Luger and unleash the ultimate shooting experience.”

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