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handguns reviews

Top Rated Handguns

  Top Rated Handguns For 2013 ! Handguns have for as long time been very categorical in class and style. Certain types of handguns are associated with certain types of people.Handguns are designed to be operated with one hand, while the other hand performs other tasks or supports the holding hand. Top rated handguns have better safety, they are lighter and more portable and they are designed in a unique way. Here are The Colt M1911     There is no doubt that the colt is the most famous handgun of all time. This gun was designed in 1911 by John Browning and has continued to be very popular even after being replaced with the Berretta 92.it has a 45 ACP cartridge and is very portable. […]


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Overall Review of the Famous Beretta PX4 Storm Pistol

Beretta PX4 storm is an innovation of Beretta where in they have placed all the research and experience they have in a single merchandise. This firearm is developed from extensive research conducted by the manufacturer of this gun that has been serving different military and law enforcement groups in different countries all around the globe for more than 100 year. The Beretta PX4 storm is an affordable high quality pistol that is being used and being bought by a lot of persons today because of the quality and the convenience it brings to the user. As far as Amazon is concerned, Beretta storm has gained 4.3 out of 5 star ratings which prove that this product is of good standards. By merely searching this pistol […]


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Top 10 Glock handguns

Find everything you must know about top 10 glock handguns! This article will generate loads of sentiments but for a good course. Ranking the best of anything can be essential, controversial, wrong or just plain for some. Regardless of what will be included in the list and where it will be ranked, it is certain that there will be mixed feelings and reactions from various groups of individuals. Some of the factors considered in developing the list of the top ten Glock handguns include;Simplicity in use. This involved a consideration of the click, point, bang and squeeze of various Glock handguns. Whistles, bells, locks and levers were emphasized on. A top gun should not make the user feel any other thing other than pulling its […]


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Beretta CX4 Storm Review : A highly stylish and deadly weapon

Some guns will be light weighted and you don’t even know whether you are carrying it, but it will be enough and more to do the damage. Beretta cx4 storm is such a gun which offers accuracy, deadliness and light weighted nature. The Beretta Storm genre was introduced in 2003 with the cx4 pistol caliber carbine. This deadly weapon is easy to handle and accessorize, and it offers hawk eye accuracy. Shooters in this era love the guns which can withstand large array of accessories, and Beretta cx4 storm will be a perfect choice for them. This gun has got an ultra modern racy design from designing giants at Giugiaro. The gun is made with modern high strength techno polymers. The weight is as low […]


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The Browning Hi Power Gun Review

Browning hi power handgun was designed in the 1920s by John Moses Browning. He was a genius weapon manufacturer from Belgium. He had no formal training in mechanical engineering but while working at his father’s gunsmith forge, he designed from theory and idea one of the most successful piece of weapon in history. The weapon was put to production first in 1935. However, its designer did not live long enough to enjoy his hand work, he died in 1927. If you have a fast visual inspection of Browning Hi Power, you will notice its pedigree immediately. It shows some similarities with the Colt 45 of 1911, an earlier Browning design. Millions of Browning handguns have been produced to date. It has been the most preferred […]


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German Luger P 08 Review : Deadly and Precise

The German Luger P 08 Review :The German History – Deadly and Precise Some guns will be deadly dangerous and have the credibility to boast of its historical significance and importance. The 09 mm German Luger P 08, one of the first semi automatic pistol in the history, is such a gun which offers hawk eye accuracy and long time credibility for its users. This weapon is one of the most recognizable and lethal pistol in the history. The 09mm German luger was used by the German force in both World War 1 and in World War 2. The unique lines and mechanisms of this pistol made it renowned world-wide. The highly popular 09mm Parebellum ammunition cartridge was introduced to the world by the Luger […]


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Walther P99 Handgun Review

Walther P99 handgun is designed to arm the police and the army; it can be used as a weapon of personal defence as well. Walther P99 handgun was developed in 1995 under the chambered 9×19 “Parabellum.” In 1996, the production received a modification under .40 “Smith & Wesson,” and in 1997 – a .45 ACP cartridge. P99 Walther handgun engineers developed since the early 90s, and for service this gun was only made in 1999. Focusing on the use in the construction of a pistol, as a larger number of polymer materials company made the right decision. Properly combining the latest developments and the classic, time-tested scheme Walther P99 is one of the best pistols in the world. Walther P99 pistol is built on the […]


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Colt Government Model 45 ACP 1911 Pistol Review

You can’t really call yourself a gun enthusiast if you haven’t heard about the Colt 1911. The Colt line was available since 1836 but the newest Colt revolver wasn’t available until 1911 after the US Army announced it would need a new semi-automatic that would fire a bullet with a standard caliber of .45 of an inch. John M. Browning, renowned for his mechanical skills in arms, developed the bullet first and then developed the Colt pistol that can fire it. This is the pistol used by the military for World War I and World II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. It is the only pistol ever made in the United States to have been in active service for so long. It wasn’t […]


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