Overall Review of the Famous Beretta PX4 Storm Pistol

beretta px4

Beretta PX4 storm is an innovation of Beretta where in they have placed all the research and experience they have in a single merchandise.

This firearm is developed from extensive research conducted by the manufacturer of this gun that has been serving different military and law enforcement groups in different countries all around the globe for more than 100 year.

beretta px4 stormThe Beretta PX4 storm is an affordable high quality pistol that is being used and being bought by a lot of persons today because of the quality and the convenience it brings to the user. As far as Amazon is concerned, Beretta storm has gained 4.3 out of 5 star ratings which prove that this product is of good standards. By merely searching this pistol over any search engines, various articles, personal blogs, and community forums are giving well praises about this Beretta 9mm gun. By reading further, readers will be able to understand the comprehensive review that includes the features and testimonies of this innovative Beretta pistol.

Features of Beretta PX4 Storm Pistol :

Beretta PX4 storm contains the needed features required of a good quality firearm. It can hold 16 bullets that can shot as fast as the user can pull the trigger. This gun is designed to use a variety of bullets since it can use pellets or BB bullets. Each fire has a speed of 380ft per second that can easily penetrate hard bones found in the body. The design of the cartridge and of the rotary clips allows the user to rapidly reload and shoot whenever needed.

The PX4 contains distinctive high quality materials and amazing mechanical designs that allow the user to fire similar to the bolt action rifle with incredible accuracy. Another amazing feature of the Beretta storm is that it decreases the felt recoil that allows the user to feel less force or vibrations thereby allowing the user to shoot as fast as he can.

In terms of ergonomics, the Beretta 9mm pistol is designed to ease and soothe the anatomical position of the wrist and fingers. This gun can function with or without a back strap which is designed for the comfort and preference of the shooter. The Beretta pistol manufactures small, medium and large back straps; in all of these, the medium sized back strap is commonly being ordered by majority of the Beretta clients. This gun weighs 2 pounds (less than a kilo) which makes it very light and very easy to use.

In terms of safety, Beretta 9mm Storm contains a safety de-cocker mechanism that allows it to prevent the gun from firing. Once the de-cocker is placed down, it locks the hammer, separates different internal mechanism components of the gun which makes it safe. Once the hammer is locked there is no feasible method that can make the pistol fire whatsoever.


beretta px4Individuals who have purchased this gun where after the fun factor since the Beretta pistol seems to be a low end gun that is easy to use. In one of the comments, the client said that the gun is not that powerful but has a realistic power because of its very light weight. This person also gave numerous advantages and 2 disadvantages about this pistol. He said that the first advantage was that the Beretta PX4 storm has fired all the pellets he has used. He stated that the Beretta has an enjoyable feeling especially during the process of unloading, clipping and reloading 8 shots. He also stated that the Beretta pistol has more range. This person has noticed 2 disadvantages. One of it is that the de-cocker is easy to put in the safe mode but is hard to disengage and the other is that the firing power would get weak after 30 shots. Most importantly, he stated that he was happy purchasing the pistol because of its overall quality.

Another client gave the product 3 stars because he was happy about the overall gun but gave comments about the blow back feature. This person dislikes the blowback feature of the gun especially the way that the CO2 is loaded. He said that loading the CO2 is difficult because you have tighten the screws to do it right not too tight and not too loose which is not convenient for the user.

Another client gave the product 5 star reviews because he was very happy about the safety mechanism since he is using the gun as security for his family. He also loved the cosmetic appearance of the gun since it can modify actual appearance of strong fire arms. The disadvantage that this client sees is that the gun would jam similar to all the guns that this person has used. Despite the jamming, this client was happy about the product.

In general, the Beretta PX4 storm has created another gun that would surely be used by all their clients all around the globe. It contains numerous features that would make it very convenient and very safe to the user of this fire arm. This product is a great innovation that contains 90days warranty. So far, no client has reported that he felt bad or scammed from purchasing the product.

Disassembling and Reassembling the Beretta PX4 Storm Gun

Upon disassembling the gun for cleaning, for repairs or for curiosity sake, it is a must to be sure that the gun is empty, safe and clear. Once the safety is assured, place the thumb and index finger of one hand on both alternating sides of the lower frame; then place the thumb on the hammer and press forward. The slide should easily come off.

To remove the back strap, use a small screw driver to remove the small wire strap. Some guns should be removed gently while some requires a little force. Be careful not to accidentally destroy the wire strap. Once it is removed, the back strap can now be easily replaced. In placing it back, be sure that the smooth side of the back strap is on the bottom. Once it is connected grip the frame, squeeze it, and then it will lock.

One of the features of this gun is the ability to alternate the reloading mechanism to the right or to the left depending on the client’s choice. If the client wants to change it, use a paper clip or a long thin metal object and press it on the hole of the magazine button until something pops on the other side. This is just the magazine lock. To remove the magazine button, use the same method but press through the opposite side of the lock until it pops. The magazine button contains 4finger like appearance and one spring; the spring is the magazine catch button in which you will have to place it on the side that you want to reload the gun. To reassemble take the magazine button and place it on the side where you want it to be. You can either use your finger or a metal rod to lock these objects in place.

To reassemble the slide, take the barrel and the locking cut facing upward, and then slide it in. Grab the locking block and the recoil spring. Take the small side of the spring and insert it to the big opening of the block. Lay the slide on the mat, take the frame, line it up, push the slide forward, then try to reload without any bullets. Individuals who may find it difficult to reassemble the gun may look for the video on YouTube for more instructions.


Everybody is encouraged to try the Beretta pistol or the Beretta PX4 Storm pistol because it contains amazing features that first timers, intermediate users and experts would surely love. Upon buying this gun or any other guns, be sure that you are of legal age and be sure that you are following all the legal requirements needed for gun possession and get a federal firearms license first. The Beretta PX4 Storm is a wonderful gun that could be used by law enforcements or by ordinary civilians for their protection.

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