Top 10 Glock handguns

top 10 glick handguns

Find everything you must know about top 10 glock handguns!

This article will generate loads of sentiments but for a good course. Ranking the best of anything can be essential, controversial, wrong or just plain for some. Regardless of what will be included in the list and where it will be ranked, it is certain that there will be mixed feelings and reactions from various groups of individuals.
Some of the factors considered in developing the list of the top ten Glock handguns include;Simplicity in use. This involved a consideration of the click, point, bang and squeeze of various Glock handguns. Whistles, bells, locks and levers were emphasized on. A top gun should not make the user feel any other thing other than pulling its trigger. This calls for its simplicity, because the user may be involved in an immediate action that requires speedy use of the Glock handgun.Power. The power of the various guns was considered during the rank. It is evident that everyone desires a large and Powerful calibre gun, which one can shoot or carry with ease.Reliability. Regardless of how customized or cool a Glock handgun is made, it is its reliability that matters most.Comfort. How comfortable the various Glock handguns are, was also a major consideration in coming up with a top ten list.
Glock handguns are produced and designed in Austria and are the most preferred all over the globe. They are commonly utilized in sports, armed forces and security forces, because they have a professional craftsmanship.


My special roll of top ten Glock handguns is as follows.

Glock 32 GEN 4 .357SIG.

Glock 32 GEN4 357SIGThis Glock handgun tops the list, because it has fixed sights that are standardized and is smaller with a modified grip. This is important because it meets the demand of comfort and reliability, especially for small handed individuals. Besides, the Glock handgun has its grip textured aggressively compared to standard handguns. Besides, the grip is adjustable and ergonomic with an additional two backstraps. This provides a larger surface for grip. In addition, it comes with a lock, box manual and 3 magazines with 15 round of ammunition.


Glock 20 SF.

glock 20sfThis is a 10mm automatic handgun that offers massive firepower. It uses hi-tech polymer, which minimizes felt recoil considerably. It has a 15 rounds magazine capacity and a muzzle power of around 550 ft/lbs. This enhances a reliable, accurate and safe finishing shot.Glock 20 SF has its rear receiver’s circumference reduced, which enhances increased control and comfort. This is especially for those individuals whose hands are smaller.




Glock 21 SF.

Glock 21SFThe handgun is remarkable for having a light recoil and accuracy, which makes it reliable and simplicity in use. The circumference of its back strap is greatly reduced enhancing control and comfort.





Glock 29 SF.

Glock 29SFThe Glock handgun is remarkable for its superior versatility. The 10mm automatic handgun has its dimensions considerably reduced, which makes it appropriate for conceal. This makes it suitable to carry as a backup, especially when hunting. Its enhanced grip ergonomics improves its comfort, gaining favour from security personnel.




Glock 31 .367 model.

Glock 31 .367 modelThis handgun makes it on the top ten lists because of its high accuracy and precision, especially at long range. It has tactical lights that allow users to illuminate their targets making it reliable and safe.





Glock 30 SF.

Glock 30SFThis Glock handgun provides excellent precision hence reliable. It has exceptional ballistic qualities given its wide calibre. Besides, it’s simple to operate and comes in a compact design. This makes the Glock handgun a preference by plainclothes security officers, because it is easier to draw.





Glock model 19.

glock 19The 9mm Glock handgun is an excellent fit of balance and beauty. It is a wonderful handgun given its excellent recoil and manageable follow up shot. Its simplicity has made it one of the common Glock handguns used in the entire world.





Glock 27.

Glock 27The design of Glock 27 makes it easy to conceal and withdraw. It’s capable of being concealed in the ankle holster, which makes it an excellent backup weapon. This is because it has an enhanced ergonomic grip and shortened frame. Besides, its trigger has an integrated trigger, which provides rest for the forward finger. Its slide allows both a rear and forward sight enhancing its reliability.

Glock 18.

The Glock handgun has an enhanced frame and slide allowing addition of selective fire. The handgun is both automatic and single short making it more reliable.

Glock 17.

glock 17This top ten listing cannot be complete without Glock 17. It ranks number 10 because of its basic simplicity. It is easy to breakdown and operate, because it has about 30 parts that users have to contend with. This makes the weapon common among police and military officers.

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