Top Rated Handguns

top rated handguns


Top Rated Handguns For 2013 !

Handguns have for as long time been very categorical in class and style. Certain types of handguns are associated with certain types of people.Handguns are designed to be operated with one hand, while the other hand performs other tasks or supports the holding hand. Top rated handguns have better safety, they are lighter and more portable and they are designed in a unique way. Here are

The Colt M1911

colt 1911    There is no doubt that the colt is the most famous handgun of all time. This gun was designed in 1911 by John Browning and has continued to be very popular even after being replaced with the Berretta has a 45 ACP cartridge and is very portable. The colt was well used in the Korean war, both World Wars and the Vietnam war. It is generally one of the top rated handguns and is very widely used even though it has ceased being the standard issue for the United State army and Special Forces as form 1985. Read More…


The Glock

GlockThis is the first plastic handgun to gain popularity. It has been widely embraced by the law enforcement agencies and everywhere you go, the law enforcers will be seen carrying this gun. Made of a polymer frame and light with a very slim frame, it is also a very ugly gun. However, it is hugely popular all over the world.Read more..



The Luger PO8

german luger po8This is the famed Nazi handgun and it was first manufactured in Germany. Of course it goes with the famous 9 mm luger cartridge, which was designed specially for it. It has a unique design with a very well made holding handle and it is very popular. It is also said to be dead accurate in shooting.Read more..



Browning Hi-power

browning Hi-PowerIt holds a record 13 rounds of ammunition. This is probably the best of John Browning’s designs that he made just before he died. It is a beautifully designed gun and it is very popular too. It ids the standard sidearm for the royal Canadian military police and also was widely used by the Special Forces. When it was first produced, it gained a lot of popularity in WW2 and was used by both allied and opposing forces.


The Berretta 92

beretta 92As stated before, this gun was meant to be a replacement for the Colt. It is currently the US military standard sidearm and it is very popular. It is an Italian origin handgun that has a very unique slide and it is possible to use it even if the magazine gets damaged because on can feed ammunition at the top. It is very popular and especially for gun collectors because it is a great piece that is easily cleaned.


The Colt 45

colt 45This is also famed as the peacemaker gun. It has a long history of use in the old west. It is also called the single action army colt. It is a beloved gun for sheriffs, farmers and outlaws and it was very popular in the wild, Wild West movies. It is very common in the Indian movies that had cowboys. This handgun is considerably larger than the others because it has a longer handle and the barrel too.


FN 57

FN 57This Belgian origin handgun is considered by many the best in the world. It is highly powerful, and it is single action. It can take 5.7×28 mm cartridges and it is very popular. This is the handgun of the future. It is a beautiful piece and it is light enough. This gun has been met with severe protests of its sale to the civilians. It used to be categorically for the military and law enforcers only. This modern piece has seen the Afghanistan war, the Mexican drug war and also the 2011 Libyan civil war.


Walther P99

walther p99  This is another gun of German origin that is surprisingly good. It is well designed and very effective. Manufactured by Carl Walther, it is a semiautomatic pistol that is widely used by the German and the Finnish army and police and one of the top rated handguns. It has short recoil, and is very popular in Europe. It has been severally modified and its magazines have also been altered from time to time. It has various variations for military, police and civilian use. In 2004, the modern generation version was launched with a more modified trigger that eliminated what was generally called the “ski hump” in the earlier models.Read more..


qsz 92This recoil operated lock breech pistol is a fine Chinese model. It is very effective with a shooting range of 50 meters. It closely resembles the FN 57 and it is very well made. It contains 15 9x19mm rounds and it has a very efficient sharp-pointed bullet model top go with it. It has a rail in the front part of the barrel that accepts laser lights and flashlights, thus making it a very adaptable handgun. This is one of the top rated handguns.


Heckler & Koch Mark 23

Heckler & Koch Mark 23This is one of the top rated handguns with a laser aiming module coupled with a suppressor. This pistol is manufactured both in the United States and in Germany. It is specifically made for the Special Forces. It has a 12 round detachable box magazine and a shooting range of 50 meters. Generally called the MK23, it has similar characteristics to the colt 1911 and people who have had experience using and cleaning the colt find it easy to use.

Although it is very hard to classify guns and most people would rather stop talking about them, these are the most top rated handguns pieces for 2013. Guns are mostly used by the law enforcement agencies and the army and therefore outsiders mostly do not care about the available models. These top rated guns are easily used and they have the best shooting ranges. Although most of them are open for purchase and use by the public both for self protection and for hunting, they are mostly sold with very strict conditions and anyone owning one must get a license. Guns and especially handguns are interesting to learn about and to know their differences.Mostly,all these guns are qalmost the same in model that is why they are top rated handguns.




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