Walther P99 Handgun Review

walther p99

Walther P99 handgun is designed to arm the police and the army; it can be used as a weapon of personal defence as well.

Walther P99 handgun was developed in 1995 under the chambered 9×19 “Parabellum.”

In 1996, the production received a modification under .40 “Smith & Wesson,” and in 1997 – a .45 ACP cartridge. P99 Walther handgun engineers developed since the early 90s, and for service this gun was only made in 1999. Focusing on the use in the construction of a pistol, as a larger number of polymer materials company made the right decision. Properly combining the latest developments and the classic, time-tested scheme Walther P99 is one of the best pistols in the world.
Walther P99 pistol is built on the scheme with short recoil. Lock – a modified scheme of Browning, where the barrel is reduced by interacting with a fixed pin in the frame and engages the bolt through the window to eject shell casings.

Non-automatic pistol has no fuse; instead there is a button to safely remove the firing pin cocking (located above the rear of the bolt).
In addition, there are three automatic safety details – lock striker with the drops, lock striker with gate and automatic safety on the trigger.

A characteristic feature of the pistol Walther P99 is that the back of the handle is removable, and complete with a gun come back three interchangeable parts of different sizes.

On the front of the frame under the barrel in accordance with the latest fashion made rails for mounting is a laser designator or a lantern.
The peculiarity of the gun is the widespread use of plastics in its construction and modern design with a comfortable handle and trigger guard, providing easy firing with two hands.

Walther P99 is built on the so-called scheme of Browning, in which the barrel after firing is reduced under the influence of the gate frame. The trigger mechanism is double action striker. Drummer completely hidden bolt shroud, but in the cocked position back of the striker protrudes from the shell closure and serves as a indicator. The gun is equipped with four automatic fuses, blocks the firing pin when the bolt is not completely closed, with loosely inserted shop. In addition, in order to be completely shot to squeeze the trigger, which virtually eliminates the risk of accidental discharge.

Walther P99To safely remove the firing pin with cocking the top cover has a dedicated shutter button. Magazine catch button double-sided, performed at the base of the trigger guard, and repeats its shape. Housing pistol, as already stated, is made of impact-resistant polymer, thereby reducing the weight of the gun. The ergonomic handle is equipped with removable butt pad, allowing the gun to fit the individual shooter’s hand. Before the trigger guard in the gun body made special guides for the installation of various devices (lights, laser pointer, etc.)..

Sights are open (front sight and rear sight) in the box the gun flies have 3 different heights, as well adapted to fit the weapon for a specific user. Flies are equipped with special tritium labeled to facilitate aiming in low light. Walther P99 handgun was manufactured under the most common caliber 9×19 mm Para and .40 S & W. Power is supplied from the DIP stores. In the standard magazine capacity 15 rounds for the 9×19 mm and 11 for .40 S & W.

P99 pistol features a modular design and a high degree of safety in the handling through the use of multiple circuit fuses in combination with the firing pin safety shutter with cocking and the absence of an external, manually operated safety lever. Weapons is small in size and weight. Almost all controls are not implemented protruding beyond the surfaces of the frame and the bolt-cover. The back of the handle can be adjusted for different sizes of palms gun owners at the expense of replacement items supplied with the gun in the amount of three copies. The form is designed to handle a deep, stable and tight “grip.”

The handle is really very easy and comfortable to hold. For precise zeroing of weapons, the set includes three different front sight heights. The gun uses the most popular and widely used worldwide ammo 9mm Parabellum, enjoying particularly strong demand in Europe. These cartridges are available in a huge number of different options and equipment, with a powder charge and bullets of various capacities very different design and purpose.

Automation is working on the scheme of efficiency in the short course of the trunk. Locking is by decreasing the breech of the barrel, its incoming rectangular projection located above the chamber, the window-shutter casing to eject spent cartridges. Reduction occurs at the lower tidal interaction bevel barrel breech with the tab frame. By request of the gun can be equipped with an extended barrel with threaded muzzle for silencer mounting.

It’s safe, convenient, comfortable to wear, accurate and high quality weapons. Weapons also have been tested for reliability and safety when falling on a hard surface by the method of the police academy in Germany. A loaded pistol with a cartridge in the chamber and cocked hammer thrown at different angles from two meters high on concrete, steel and plastic. Shooting did not happen even once.

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